High-tech companies

Are you a big high-tech company that has been creating successful innovative products, meanwhile continuously raising the expectations of your customers and share holders? Did you in fact see your company transform from a lean and mean speedboat into a sluggish oil tanker, with legacy code, legacy products, and legacy people? The solution is here! Outsource your next technology to the Geex. The Geex rapidly transform your technology idea into a working prototype, ready for you to be productized. Meanwhile we provide you with ideas that help you drive your roadmap in the right direction.


Are you an entrepreneur with an idea for a killer product, but did your outsourcing contacts tell you that it will take hundreds of man years to create it? They are right. That's because they provide you with a group of individuals of varying experience, varying compatibility, varying quality, and varying motivation. The Geex are a team of highly-experienced multi-disciplinary experts, who have worked together for many years, and who are all driven by technological passion. That's why the Geex can create your product multiple times faster. And better.